Meet Ed Turner

Born and raised in the vibrant heart of Sunny South Dallas, Ed is a dedicated family man and passionate advocate for transforming our educational system in Dallas ISD. Ed's daughter is an Honor Student at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Arts Academy. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of education.

Ed is more than a candidate. He is a symbol of hope and positive change for Dallas ISD. With your support, we can continue to build a brighter future for our students and communities.


He also finds strength and inspiration in his faith as an active member of Forest Ave Baptist Church.

His faith plays a central role in his choice to leave behind a successful career in finance to become a community organizer, working tirelessly to encourage parental involvement in the very same area where he grew up. 


Beyond his advocacy work, Edward is a devoted father to 13-year-old Kendall, who is an 8th grader at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Arts Academy.

Edward's family values are deeply rooted in his mission to create a better educational environment for all children. 


Edward is an unwavering advocate for parents and believes that their voices should be heard. He understands that parents are a critical part of the educational equation and is dedicated to ensuring their concerns and ideas are taken seriously.

Edward has worked hand in hand with principals, teachers, community partners, and, most importantly, parents and children. He knows that real change happens when all stakeholders come together to support our schools. Edward's commitment goes beyond his work as an advocate.

He currently mentors 5th graders at Frederick Douglass Elementary School, providing them with guidance and inspiration to succeed academically and in life.

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